Welcome to Our Website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our website and welcome you to a space where we can build a community of knowledge and expertise surrounding large scale computing and enterprise level hardware solutions.

Who We Are

GEN X brings technical expertise and deep understanding
of hardware to any partnership. OEM at heart, ODM in
hand, every detail managed from design to deployment.

Let us work together and understand your specific needs
and craft the solution that will deliver satisfaction and
savings today.

Our Team

GEN X, and the team behind it, are experts in design, manufacturing, supply chain, and software
development. All, wrapped in a solution, to secure both opportunity and success. From edge to cloud,
GEN X bring the best of off the shelf (OTS), and custom design to the customer.

Our deep connection to Taiwan ODM manufacturing provides you with the latest advancements at
reasonable prices. Our USA operations give you on shore assembly, test, QA and support. GEN X will be
there for you from start to finish.

See About Us

Check out our Vertical Markets Served

Product Portfolio – from Data Center Servers to Network
Security & IOT

We are proud to present our products on our website. You can now browse the following categories of products and send us a specific inquiry directly on the product page:

We offer a Variety of Customer Engagement Models

Traditional EMS
Build to Print – Value
Engineering and
End-to-End Product
Services – Build to Spec,
Build to Function
Joint Design

Product Platforms –
Hybrid Design
Manufacturing (HDM)